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Thursday, 9/14/23                           Fall Board of Trustees Meeting


Tuesday, 11/15/23                           Membership Due for Regional Allotments                                            Roster at

Wednesday, 11/30/23                    Final Membership-will not count towards Regional Allotments           Roster at


Monday 11/28/23                           District Registration for Testing                                                                Closes at 5 PM

Wednesday 11/30/23                    Membership Payment Due                                                                       Mailed to DECA, Inc.


District Testing

Monday 12/4                                    Business Admin and Bus Admin Core

Tuesday 12/5                                    Marketing

Wednesday 12/6                              Finance and Personal Finance

Thursday 12/7                                  Entrepreneurship and Hospitality

Friday 12/8                                       Make Up Day-Doctors Note Required                                                    [email protected]



Monday January 8, 2024               Officer Candidate Applications                                                                 [email protected]

Monday January 8, 2024               Honor Society                                                                                              [email protected]

Monday January 8, 2024               Scholarship Applications                                                                            [email protected]

Monday January 8, 2024               Community Service Donations                                                                 mailed to Dan Greaven


Thursday January 11, 2024           SCC Contest Registration (All Events)                                                     DLG by 5 PM

Friday January 12, 2024                SCC Planning Meeting, January Board Meeting                                   Rochester, NY


Friday January 19, 2024                Written(Manual Upload) Submitted on Line                                        On Line Submission by 5 PM

Friday January 26, 2024                SCC Conference Registration,  Submitted by 5 PM                             Lisa Svara ([email protected])

Payment Due, Friday, February 9, 2024                                                 Lindsay DeLucca (mailed)


SCC Testing Week of February 5, 2024

Monday 2/5                                     Business Admin and Bus Admin Core

Tuesday 2/6                                      Marketing

Wednesday 2/7                               Finance and Personal Finance

Thursday 2/8                                    Entrepreneurship and Hospitality

Friday 2/9                                         Make Up Day-Doctors Note Required                                                    [email protected]


Wednesday 3/6-3/8, 2024            SCC-Rochester, NY

Early Arrivals Tuesday, 3/5/2024


Thursday 3/14/24                           ICDC Registration Due, by 12 NOON                                                     [email protected]

Payment Due 3/27/24                                                                               Lindsay DeLucca (mailed)s


4/27-5/1/2024                                 ICDC Anaheim California

Early Arrival 4/26/2024


Thursday 5/9/2024                         May Board of Trustees Meeting