Frequently Asked Questions


Who can be a DECA member?

DECA membership is available to students with career interests in marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality and management in grades nine through twelve. DECA membership is also open to DECA advisors, alumni and professional members. Students who are in college may join Collegiate DECA. All DECA members must register through an official local chapter, and each chartered association may have additional membership guidelines.

Who should join DECA?

All students who participate in DECA activities at the local, district, chartered association and/or international levels should pay chartered association and DECA Inc. dues. These activities include, but are not limited to, conferences, competitive events, online challenges, scholarship applications and more. Board policy states that all members, including advisors, must pay membership dues.

What are membership dues?

DECA Inc. membership dues are $8 USD per person (student, advisor, alumni and professional) plus appropriate chartered association dues. The list of dues is available and automatically appears for your chartered association in the online membership system.

What is the minimum number of members needed on a roster?

The minimum chapter size is ten (10) student members and one (1) advisor (or any combination of 11 paid members). The only exception is in the case of a new or reactivated chapter, which has two years to obtain the minimum chapter size. In this case, please contact Michael Mount.

What is included in DECA membership?

In addition to an official membership card and pin, DECA members have exclusive access to all of the college and career preparation opportunities DECA provides. These include four issues of DECA Direct magazine, participation in DECA’s Competitive Events Program to demonstrate their knowledge and earn recognition, opportunities to attend conferences designed to prepare them for college and careers, access to $300,000 in scholarships and more. DECA membership is for one school year, culminating June 30 of each year.

What is the deadline for submitting membership?

DECA membership is open year-round; however, DECA encourages all chapters to activate their chapter by submitting initial membership by November 15. This ensures that the chapter continues to receive communication, publications and services from DECA Inc. The deadline for members to be eligible to compete at the International Career Development Conference is March 1. Each chartered association may have earlier membership deadlines.

What will I need to register members?

You will need to access your National DECA account via www.deca.org to roster your members. If you’ve lost this information, please contact National DECA directly for this information.

Link to roster members: https://www.decaregistration.com/hs/Login.aspx

How will I receive my membership documentation?

You will receive your chapter membership materials in the mail from DECA, Inc. These materials will include membership pins for every member registered with your chapter. Membership cards can be printed from the online membership system at www.deca.org.

Are membership dues transferable?

New York DECA and DECA, Inc. dues are non-transferable.

Where should I mail my dues?

1908 Association Drive
Reston Virginia. 20191

***Do Not send to New York DECA***

How do I enter my membership?

Visit the DECA Membership Website and follow the directions provided by DECA Inc.

Online Testing

Do my students have to test for regionals?

If students are competing in an individual or team role play they are required to test.

Do my students have to test for state?

If students are competing in an individual or team role play and have qualified through regionals they are required to take a second test. Some straight to state events require a test to be taken. Please consult the following website to determine if your students need to take a test: https://www.deca.org/high-school-programs/high-school-competitive-events/

How do I register my students to test for regionals?

Your regional testing coordinator will send a spreadsheet out for you to register students for regional testing. Do not alter this spreadsheet. Make sure all information is properly recorded including the full legal name of each student.

How do I register my students to test at states?

When you register through the online system, the state testing coordinator will receive your testing information. Please make sure to look over verification sheets that are sent out to confirm students are registered for the correct event AND test.

Who do I contact if I have questions about testing?

Always contact your regional testing coordinator first. If they cannot solve your problem, contact Lindsay DeLucca at [email protected].

Where do I send my testing tickets when I am done testing?

Send all testing tickets to the State Testing Coordinator: 

Lindsay DeLucca
Plainview-Old Bethpage JFKHS,
50 Kennedy Drive,
Plainview, NY 11803

When will regional testing occur?

December 4-9, 2023.

When will states testing occur?

February5-9, 2024

Help! My student's password is not working. Can you reset it?

Your testing proctor can reset the password. While logged in the Proctor system, locate the student that you want to reset the password for. Click on the “PW” link located beside the Student name. Write the new password on the back of the Student Testing Ticket. Have the student log back in. 

If this does not work, then contact Lindsay DeLucca at [email protected].

Help! My student got booted out of the test. What do I do?

Your student got booted out of the test for one of two reasons… Either your internet had a glitch or the student tried to click out of the testing site. 

In order for the student to continue testing, the proctor can reset the password (see directions above). Please email Lindsay DeLucca at [email protected] with the name(s) of students who got kicked off the test, even if you are able to reset the password.

My student will not be available during the testing window. What do I do?

The testing window is open for 5 days during the school week. If your student will be absent all week, contact Lindsay Delucca ([email protected]) immediately upon finding this out, NOT the day testing begins or at the end of testing week. Only a doctor’s note will cover this request.

My student requires testing accommodations. How do I ensure they get them?

Lindsay DeLucca will send out a questionnaire prior to testing to determine what accommodations will be needed. Time extensions and enlarged font can be accommodated. For any other issues, contact Lindsay DeLucca directly at [email protected].

How can my students practice taking the test?

You can order practice exams through DECA. There are also some practice exams on the DECA website under the competitive events section.


Where do I send my registration for SCC/ICDC?

Email your registration to (info will be provided later)

When & Where is ICDC?

ICDC is being held in Anaheim, California from April 27-30, 2024.

What is the chaperone to student ratio?

SCC 1-10
ICDC 1-8

What is the refund policy for conferences?

SCC: No refunds; Substitutions up to February 20, 2024

ICDC: No refunds

What forms are required for conference?

Visit the Resource Library for yearly required documents & the Conference page for specific forms for each event.

Can I pay with a purchase order (PO), personal check, or cash?

No. Only school checks made payable to New York DECA are acceptable.

Which hotel are we staying at for SCC?

Early arrivals on Tuesday are generally housed at the Rochester Riverside on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Once the Rochester Riverside is full, you are housed at various hotels according to your Region (if so requested).

Why are we staying at this specific hotel for ICDC?

There is a rotational lottery system. 

Where is our ICDC Hotel?


Competitive Events

How do I submit my manuals for competition?

For SCC, manuals are submitted electronically.  The link is sent out prior to the deadline for on line submission.

The following events will need to be submitted online:

Business Services Operations
Buying and Merchandising Operations
Finance Operations
Hospitality and Tourism Operations
Sports and Entertainment Marketing Operations

(Registration Coming Soon)

Where do I find competitive event resources?

Visit the Competitive Events page. 

What event should I compete in?

Check out DECA Inc’s list of competitive events for assistance! 

Student Involvement

How do I run to be a New York DECA executive officer?

Visit the Executive Officer page for the most up to date information and application process.

Where is the application for executive office?

Visit the Executive Officer page for the most up to date information and application process.

How do I apply for the New York DECA honor society?

Visit the Honor Society page for the most up to date information and application process.


What scholarships are available to students?

New York DECA provides scholarships to students who demonstrate financial need in order to attend the State Career Conference.

DECA Inc also offers over $300,000 in scholarships to high school and college DECA members at the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) each year. Many corporate partners of DECA provide scholarships through the DECA scholarship program. DECA Inc. administers the program based on guidelines set by the donor. DECA scholarships are strictly merit based.

How do I apply for the New York DECA SCDC scholarship?

Fill out the application here.

How do I apply for the DECA Inc. scholarships?

Go to deca.org/scholarships to apply.

Can I apply for more than one DECA scholarship?

Yes, providing you meet the criteria for that particular scholarship, you can apply to as many scholarships as possible.

Are DECA scholarships based on financial need?

No, most of DECA scholarships are merit-based. The only exception is the J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation Travel Scholarship that will open in late February, which is financial need based and requires a statement of financial hardship.

What is the application deadline for scholarships?


Where can I learn more about DECA Inc. scholarships?

Visit the Scholarships page on the DECA Inc website and their FAQ section